EFQM and INBIAN (Institute for Sustainability & Growth) – New exclusive partner in Greece – LETRINA SA a founding member of the new group

The EFQM Model

The EFQM Model is a globally-recognised management framework which allows organisations to achieve success by measuring where they are on the path towards transformation.

EFQM helps organizations to understand the gaps and possible solutions available, and to empower them to progress and significantly improve their performance. The Model can benefit both organizations of any size or sector, as well as individuals seeking a tried and tested management framework. EFQM is committed to help organizations /companies improve using the EFQM Model of Excellence, an integrated management framework used by over 30,000 companies in Europe.

INBIAN – EFQM exclusive partner of Greece

The EFQM model is internationally represented by a partner in each country where it is applied. Beginning at 2nd May 2021, the exclusive partner in Greece and Cyprus is INBIAN. A founding member of this group is LETRINA SA, selected among many candidates as an organization with the appropriate competence to respond to the work of management and implementation of the EFQM model in Greece and Cyprus.

INBIAN will provide to every organization with the necessary guidance through training programs and webinars as well as the tools required for the self-evaluation of the organization. The achievements of the participating organizations will be acknowledged through the presentation of internationally recognized awards, while continuous support will be offered via the showcasing of innovative ideas.ΙΝΒΙΑΝ EFQM

LETRINA S.A. – A founder member of INBIAN

LETRINA SA, with over 30 years of experience in systems certification, understands the responsibility that accompanies this new role and will make every effort to create a strong team in Greece that will highlight the value of implementing the EFQM model to all interested companies and organizations.

Ioannis Bertsatos, Managing Director of INBIAN and LETRINA S.A. stated:

“Restarting in a post-crisis economy requires from businesses and organizations the will to improve: it demands resilience and transformation through a well-structured management framework focused on sustainability and growth. The EFQM model shows the way in this direction. Contact INBIAN to learn more about the solutions we provide to organizations and their people in order for them to succeed by improving their performance. ”

In LETRINA S.A. we believe in this new endeavor and we are confident that a significant core of growth and prosperity will be created with organizations and companies seeking their excellence.