Ranking of Hotels and Rental Rooms & Apartments

According to Law 4276/2014 (FEK Α 155/30-07-2014) significant simplifications are introduced in the procedures for issuing operation permits and awarding ranking for tourist enterprises and infrastucture, as well as for special forms of tourism. According to the relevant legislative framework: Based on the specific Legislative Framework (*) the following applies:

  • The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH) is responsible for issuingRanking Certificates for Hotels and Rental Rooms & Apartments in categories of stars and keys, respectivel.
  • These Ranking Certificates are issued by HCH based on Technical reports submitted by Certification Bodies Accredited by the National Accredication System (ESYD) for performing Audits and Inspections for the ranking of tourist accommodations in categories of stars and keys in accordance to the International Standard EN ISO/IEC 17065.

We are in the pleasant position to annouce that the Greek Certification and Inspection Body LETRINA S.A. is in the process of obtaining the above mentioned accreditation, and will be soon ready to perform the relevant ranking inspections.


(*) The Legislative Framework includes:

  • WILL. 21185/2014 (Government Gazette 2840 / Β / 22.10.2014)
  • WILL. 216/2015 (Government Gazette 10 / Β / 09.01.2015)
  • WILL. 219/2015 (Government Gazette 14 / Β / 12.01.2015)
  • WILL. 91/2015 (Government Gazette 69 / Β / 16.01.2015)

You can find all the above decisions attached here.





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