BERTSONS S.A. is a private company established in Athens in 1987, offering products and services in the cargo additivation business. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, the Company has been supplying and distributing chemical additives and flow improvers, having treated so far over fifty thousand tones (50.000.000) of cargoes of various origin, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Venezuela, Bahrain, and others.

For BERTSONS S.A., the workforce is decisive. The main factor contributing to the Company’s success, and our competitive advantage, is our belief and focus on the human factor for forming and maintaining excellent relations with our associates, suppliers and clients. Some of the leading suppliers with which the Company is currently trading are BAKER PETROLITE, BASF, CLARIANT, OWT, DBM. It is through these cooperations that BERTSONS S.A. has managed to establish itself as one of the first and most experienced companies in the cargo additivation sector.