We offer high quality cargo inspection services based on our founding values ​​of integrity, responsibility, reliability and efficiency. Our constant aim is to continually improve our services to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market.

Inspection of cargo and supervision of loading / unloading processes:
> Textiles
> Food (eg cereals, flour, edible olive oil, agricultural products, etc.)
> Carbon and coal, mineral ores, fertilizers and generally dry products
> Crude oil, petroleum products, LPG / LNG, petrochemicals and lubricants
> Marble (raw and processed)
> Waste

Ship Displacement Inspection based on its drafts – Ship Suitability and Cleanliness

Pre-Load Inspection (Load and Packing Status) – Loading Plan
Sampling and Testing – Presence during Qualitative Analysis
Ship Fuel Measurements Before Start and End of Charter – Ship Fuel Inspection
Freight Transport Supervision

Quantity Measurement in Ship and Land Tanks
> Measurement of Dry Tanks
> Complete Inspection of Land Loading Systems

Dry Tanks Turbidity
Damage Inspection – Damage Assessment – Handling Insurance Claims