Quality Assurance Policy

Learn about Quality, Health and Safety Policies, and Corporate Governance.

Quality Assurance Policy of LETRINA S.A. is to maintain the highest level of professionalism and service in the provision of Independent Inspection and Measurement Services to the petroleum, gas, petrochemical, chemical and manufacturing industries. LETRINA S.A. is committed to a policy that ensures that its activities are caring for the Health and Safety of its personnel, customers and more generally those working under its control in environmentally friendly ways.

The Company recognises and takes steps to protect the interests of the following five major parties: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers / contractors and society.

All employees of the Company have a common commitment to the Quality System and consistently aim to offer Quality Services in accordance with the requirements of both Customer and Internationally Recognised Standards.

The Company’s objective is the continuous improvement of all its Operational Procedures and the provision of all its services in compliance with the relevant Quality Assurance procedures.

To achieve these policies, a Quality Management System has been developed in which Corporate Governance provides its full support.